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Driving EV Adoption and Infrastructure: Industry Whitepaper

EV Adoption and Infrastructure Challenges, Trends, and Solutions Versinetic’s new comprehensive whitepaper delves into the rapidly evolving realm of electric vehicles (EVs) and their infrastructure.  It aims to provide a deeper understanding of the challenges surrounding EV infrastructure, major trends in the EV sector, and the barriers hindering widespread EV adoption. The white paper has […]

EV Charging Solutions to Accelerate Time-To-Market

Save at least two years of development time with Versinetic’s EV charger modules… Building EV chargers for the UK market? Versinetic can accelerate your time-to-market with our charge point products – we offer a range of benefits, including compliance with rigorous UK regulations. Read on to find out more about Versinetic’s latest product features… 1. […]

EV Industry Milestones

This month we are celebrating Versinetic’s 2nd birthday. Having started out in the midst of a global pandemic, we are proud to see how far Versinetic has come since its inception on 17th November 2020! We thought it would be great to also reflect on the crucial breakthroughs that the EV industry has seen, over […]

EV Charging Network rollout: Challenges and opportunities

EV Charging Network rollout: Challenges and opportunities full report Key Barriers to EV Charging Infrastructure Rollout Versinetic, a division of award-winning electronics engineering consultancy ByteSnap Design, has revealed why the UK’s EV charging network rollout has slowed down. The electric vehicle charging consultancy’s new report, “Key barriers to EV charging infrastructure rollout”, highlights the most […]

Tackling grid challenges to ensure the success of EVs

The EV boom vs. the Grid The combination of over half a million electric vehicles on our roads and a growing emphasis on clean energy, has created a perfect storm for the UK’s electricity grid to prepare for our wholesale switch to EVs. After all, the growth of adoption is plain to see; there were […]

The EV Euros: Moving Up the EU EV League Table

This blog post ought to have been fairly straightforward to write, because the subject matter is clearly defined: how do we get the UK to climb the EV Euro League Table? And it’s quite fitting too, since – at the time of writing – the Euro football tournament is underway and the UK’s EV market […]

Incentives for Electric Vehicles and Charging – EU

Government incentives are among the key elements to greater battery electric vehicle adoption.  We recently published a list of UK incentives, covering schemes and grants for individuals and businesses looking to reduce the cost of charge point installation, alongside other road tax incentives for EV drivers. Here, we feature a roundup of leading incentives currently […]

Incentives for Electric Vehicles and Charging – UK

Making the switch from fossil fuel powered motoring to electric vehicles and EV charging infrastructure?   Here, we’ve assembled a list of schemes and grants currently available for individuals and businesses looking to reduce the cost of charge point installation, alongside incentives for EV drivers, including tax breaks and loans. Domestic charge point installation Electric Vehicle […]

Visit Versinetic and ByteSnap at Embedded World DIGITAL 2021

Versinetic and parent company ByteSnap Design will be exhibiting the latest products and services at Embedded World DIGITAL 2021 Exhibition & Conference on 1-5 March. This leading show for embedded systems is an invaluable networking opportunity, and a chance to get up-to-date on the latest technology and developments in the sector. Preview Versinetic’s stand Versinetic […]