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Award-Winning Embedded Electronics Design Team

Experience Developing White Label Smart Charging Projects Since 2011

Providing Technical Excellence for Software Development & OCPP

About Versinetic

Versinetic’s EV engineering team has experience designing electric vehicle charging points going back almost 10 years, when we developed brand new software and electronics for the EV charging stations at the London 2012 Olympics. We are trusted by companies across the UK and beyond, providing them with business and deep technical expertise under one roof. Easily integrating into your team, our outsourced support is available throughout the charge point development life cycle.

Whether you’re looking for workplace smart charge solutions, public electric vehicle charging infrastructure, fleet charging stations or something else entirely, we have a solution. Our white label smart charging products are created for manufacturers and assemblers of EV charge points and for large scale installers.

Our design team created the GUI, metering, control and communications board for GE Durastation for the London Olympics

Watch this handy Versinetic overview filmed at the Fully Charged Live Australia Show with Electric Chris:

Design Excellence Across the Product Life Cycle

Versinetic is a spin off company of ByteSnap Design with ISO 9001:2015 certification. 

Versinetic is committed to EV charging electronic design, software and solution excellence; delivering the highest product quality and customer satisfaction.

We offer experience and reliable support throughout the product life cycle. 

Our software and hardware engineers work side-by-side on projects to identify and deliver the best solution for you.


Versinetic was founded following years of increasing demand for parent company ByteSnap Design’s EV charger development services. 

Here’s the timeline of Versinetic’s heritage…

  1. 2010-2011 – MiDDaS European Project – Consortium – ByteSnap (Versinetic Engineering Team Heritage) to develop a demand control system that allowed power in a house to be offset using an EV as an energy store. The system allowed loads to be controlled in the house depending on grid state.
  2. 2011-2012 – Olympics Charging Posts – ByteSnap developed new electronics and software for GE’s EV charging posts at the Summer 2012 Games. Our new control system solution for the posts was more economical than the original and included major new features.
  3. 2013-2018 – ByteSnap undertakes further EV charging system design projects
  4. Mar 2018 – ByteSnap joins ViGiL consortium, to develop a Vehicle-to-Grid proof-of-concept system.  ViGiL = Vehicle to Grid Intelligent Control
  5. Mar 2020 – Completion of pioneering ViGiL Vehicle-to-Grid project – delivering the UK’s first end-to-end fully integrated V2G system
  6. Nov 2020 – ByteSnap officially launches its EV charging division Versinetic at CENEX-LCV exhibition, featuring flexible, modular Charging Blox system: Consultancy + Hardware + Software
  7. Nov 2020 – launch of Versinetic’s flagship products:
  8. Nov 2020 – Charging Station OCPP library launched – following thorough testing at various international Plugfests
  9. Nov 2020 – ViGiL wins prestigious EVIEs innovation in V2G award
  10. May 2021 – Versinetic becomes member of trade association, BEAMA BEAMA consists of more than 200 UK leaders and innovators, from SMEs such as Versinetic to large multi-national corporations. The members deliver low carbon and environmental technologies securely and efficiently to UK homes, businesses, transport and grid networks.
  11. Dec 2021 – Versinetic publishes its first Industry White Paper – EV Charging Network Report
  12. Apr 2022 – Versinetic launches EV Charger Development Kit – now being shipped to countries world wide
  13. June 2022 – Smart Charge Point Regulations Compliance.  Versinetic customers can now build electric vehicle chargers compliant to UK Electric Vehicle Smart Charge Point Regulations 2021 following hard work and iterations by the Versinetic engineering team
  14. September 2022 – Versinetic Firmware Engineer Ricardo Silva makes the finals of the BEAMA awards in the Young Engineer of the Year Category
  15. Autumn 2022 – New White Label App demonstrated at UK & international trade shows (CENEX/EDS/Electronica)
  16. Spring 2023 New ISO 15118 Software Stack with seamless plug and charge functionality launched

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