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EV Charging Solutions to Accelerate Time-To-Market


Save at least two years of development time with Versinetic’s EV charger modules…

Building EV chargers for the UK market? Versinetic can accelerate your time-to-market with our charge point products – we offer a range of benefits, including compliance with rigorous UK regulations.

Read on to find out more about Versinetic’s latest product features…

1. Compliant to UK EV Smart Charge Point Regulations 2021

With Versinetic, you get a UK Smart Charge Point Regulation compliant charger right out of the box. Our expert team have worked many months to make your journey to market easier. By complying with these strict regulations, our key charger products will save you development time.

Take a look at our flagship hardware products:

 2. Load Balancing in Single- Or 3-Phase Configurations

Together, Versinetic’s MantaRay – Smart Charge Point Communications Controller – and EEL– AC EV Charge Point Controller – support EV load balancing in both single-phase and three-phase configurations.

This allows for attachment to an external current transformer, to measure the power going to a house.

In addition, due to our dynamic load balancing algorithm, the board can control the power delivered by the charger, relative to the overall mains power.

Practical Application:

To ensure the house network power never exceeds the limit entered:

  • Install your charger, powered with Versinetic boards
  • Enter the house wiring capabilities
  • Provide a safety margin (i.e., largest switching device on the network)

Here’s what that could look like…

Example: A shower is usually your largest switching device in the network. This means that if you have 60 amps of maximum input, any shower would be able to take half of this.

Therefore, for your charge you would input 60 amps for the house wiring capabilities, with a margin of 30 amps to accommodate your maximum switch load (for the shower).

As a result, the output of the charger will never cause an exceedance on the either the house wiring or switchgear.

3. Accelerometer – Motion Detection/Tilt Sensor

The accelerometer on our EEL – AC charge controller board – allows you to:

  • detect whether your charger has received a large impact – this would automate a call back to the service provider, indicating that an engineer is required
  • detect for intrusion – this will send an alert if anyone tries to break into the charger, which satisfies the UK Smart Charge Point Regulations 2021 directive


4. Security – Secure Boot & TPM

EV charge point security is a key requirement in the UK EV Smart Charge Point Regulations 2021.

Versinetic’s expert engineering team have ensured your charger will meet this robust standard.

With EEL and MantaRay boards, there is security enabled on the charge point, meaning that it is impossible to run software that has not been previously approved.

Primary elements of the Versinetic EV charger security package are Secure Boot, and TPM – Trust Platform Module, which has the highest level of protection for security.

Versinetic’s electronics engineers and software developers have done the hard work, so you don’t have to. Stay a step ahead and accelerate your time-to-market with our bespoke solutions.

Get in touch and let’s get started!


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