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Streamline Charger Setup with Versinetic's White Label Installer App

Say goodbye to complicated, time-wasting installs

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White Label Installer App - Why You Need One

Installing EV chargers can be complex and time-consuming.

Manual input of charger information and complicated interfaces can often cause mistakes, leading to poorly installed chargers and costly re-visits.

Our Installer App Makes EV Charger Installs Easy and Saves Time

Versinetic’s White-label Installer App simplifies charger installation and commissioning, providing a user-friendly experience.

Simple Setup

Versinetic's white-label app for charging systems is designed to simplify the setup process for charger installers.


With its user-friendly interface and advanced features, our app makes charger installation a breeze.

Match Your Brand

Total branding control: you have multiple options to customise the installer app to match your brand.

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Find and Set-Up Chargers during installation easily with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or Ethernet

Installers can rely on Versinetic’s white-label app to quickly locate EV charge points and set them up in the field.

Our app eliminates the hassle of manually inputting charger information by allowing users to scan and find chargers effortlessly.

Say goodbye to time-consuming setup procedures and hello to efficient and error- free installations.

Effortless, Efficient Installs with Versinetic’s White-Label Installer App

The app streamlines the process of locating your chargers by scanning Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet for nearby chargers. 

Once the charge is powered, it can be found and commissioning can be completed using fresh settings or recalling settings from a previous charger recently commissioned – a huge time saver when installing multiple chargers.

A customisable guide is present in the app to help first time installers along with an installer wizard to make the process as quick as possible.

Seamless integration: Versinetic’s white-label app is built to ensure compatibility across Android and IOS. 

Your brand, your app

The installer app is another flexible, customisable addition to Versinetic’s lineup of EV charger design solutions.

Add your brand and release the app as part of your charging product portfolio – creating a competitive and easy-to-use offering for installers.

Versinetic white label installer app - setting up CT clamps

Installer Use Case

You’re installing five chargers in a car park, and you want them all on the same settings, apart from a couple of minor tweaks.

The app will allow you to copy the settings you’ve previously used for your charger onto the next charger you’re setting up. 

The mobile app offers guides and prompts to ease the installation process, saving you time when setting up multiple chargers.

You don’t need to have the charger connected to a local network to use Versinetic’s white-label installer app.

You can set up chargers in remote places when they are connected via a modem.

You can customise the icons and apps.

Log into Charger and set up the first one. Then you can use these settings for your remaining chargers.

Don’t waste time with complicated charger installs
Use Versinetic’s white-label installer app for a more efficient process