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Charging Blox | Flexible EV Charging Solutions

Bespoke & Versatile Charging Solution Development

Charging Blox – Your Route to Bespoke EV Charging Solutions

Flexible Products and Services that work together or separately to deliver your charging system.

Our expert team has developed the Charging Blox to accelerate and ease your journey to market. Fully tested technologies and over 11 years consultancy experience comes together in these products to ensure your needs are fully met.

We pride ourselves on our ability to fully adapt to the requirements of each individual customer. First, we agree with you which Charging Blox will best meet your requirements. Then work with you to get our technologies optimising your EV charging system.

We are versatile and ready to support you without any tie-ups. We have no affiliations with distributors or back-office solutions, so our team truly has your best interests at heart throughout the development process.

Typically, the customer journey begins with a consultation about the products or services they are interested in. For most clients, this will involve a hardware or software solution, or a mixture of both. In most cases, some consultancy will be required, whether that is simply support implementing our technology into your system, branding it or designing a full bespoke charging point.

To begin, let’s take a look at the hardware blox:

Rapidly Bringing Your Concept to Life

Versinetic’s range of EV Charging Controllers and Peripheral Boards work seamlessly together in your charger. Between them, they deliver all aspects of the charging experience, from authorisation to load-balancing. Alternatively, you can choose to integrate our technologies into your own system, accelerating your time-to-market and enabling you to focus on design and sales.

MantaRay manages all aspects of smart charge point communications using OCPP 1.6 or 2.0, and supports AC and DC charge systems. It integrates load balancing, can support multiple sockets and communicates to back-end cloud servers via Ethernet, GSM, WiFi and Bluetooth.

While MantaRay controls all Communication Aspects of the Charger, EEL controls AC power, delivering energy straight to the car’s battery. Multiple EEL boards can be installed to a charger, to allow more cars to be charged simultaneously. EEL works with MantaRay to manage load-balancing across charging stations.

EEL: EV AC Charge Point Controller
LinkRay Passive: Local Controller
Linkray manages load balancing across multiple OCPP compatible EV chargers of any brand. It can work on-line and off-line in the event of network outages.

These six small components complete your charging experience, with payment, lighting and lock control all covered by our peripheral board catalogue.

The boards are as follows:

  1. RFID Reader
  2. LCD Adaptor
  3. LED RGB Board

Coming soon…Mini LED Board

Next, here are our software blox:

Fully Integrated Charging Control

Our team has developed a range of software options to help you avoid back office tie-ins and project development limitations. Our packages give you a wide range of implementation options, and our team are ready to adapt our software to your needs.

All Versinetic’s software options together cover communications and user interface functionality. Combined with your back-office solution, our hardware and software blox make up a complete charging system. They use standardised protocols and are easily implemented across multiple sites.

A client library that will control your charging solution. Either use our hardware blox or add the library to your system using a secure chip under license. The package comes with an interface for setup and installation and runs on either Linux or QNX. In addition, our OCPP client comes with the option for an application solution to communicate with your back office.


For those with their own hardware system already established, we have our local controller software. This block delivers the same functionality for local control as LinkRay, except as a software package.

Last but not least, our deeply technical, expert consultancy service. This service will generally be required in some form; however, it is also our most flexible option! Any queries, get in touch; we always look forward to hearing about new ideas and solutions.

Highly Technical and Experienced Design Team

Versinetic is a division of the multi-award-winning electronic design consultancy ByteSnap Design Ltd. We are fully equipped to design, advise and support you in your charging solution development process. Most customers will typically require this block to an extent, whether that is to carry out an initial feasibility study, or to develop a completely bespoke charging solution.

Get in touch with your electric car and other vehicle charging design enquiries – we‘re happy to help.


We offer extensive experience and reliable support throughout the EV charger life cycle, with both software and hardware engineers working together on projects to identify the best solution for each client.



Versinetic is made up of dedicated hardware and software engineers, so we have the expertise for any problem.


You can make use of any combination of Charging Blox to support your system, and our team is ready to help you develop your ideas into products.


Our EV experience covers all levels of charging technology, from AC charge controllers, to Vehicle-to-Grid. Our Charging Blox accommodate these solutions, and our team is ready to support the development of any design.


We have a personal interest in EVs with around 20% of our company already owning an electric car and many more of the Versinetic team are looking to buy one.

“Everything worked perfectly”

“Everything worked perfectly, as it has through all the bulk testing at every site”

Geoff Chapman – Director, Chargepoint Services


From start-ups to blue chips, Versinetic’s expert design engineers are enabling companies to take full advantage of the significant double-digit market growth in environmentally friendly next generation electric vehicle smart charging solutions. Contact us today and let your business be among them!