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EV Smart Charging Software OCPP & Software Licensing

Smart Charge Point Protocol Software (OCPP 1.6 Library)

Smart Charge Point Protocol Software (OCPP 2.0 Library)

Local Controller Application


EV chargers are built around increasingly complex software. With constantly changing international standards, maintaining robust, well tested software is challenging.
Versinetic platforms are built around a set of software blocks centralised around an OCPP client to maximise the choice of back-office solutions.

The Mantaray smart controller contains the following blocks…

Smart Charge Point Controller (SCC)

OCPP 1.6 is the most adopted charge point communications protocol to “back offices”. It allows control, monitoring and diagnostics of a charger. Our stack has been tested against multiple back offices and been through rounds of testing with the Open Charge Alliance. Of the standard feature profiles within OCPP1.6 we support:

  • Core – Basic Charge Point functionality. Meter values, Authorization, Starting and stopping transactions.
  • Firmware Management – Support for firmware update management and diagnostic log file download.
  • Local Auth List Management – Features to manage the local authorization list in Charge Points.
  • Smart Charging – Support for profiles to control the supply and demand to the car.
  • Remote Trigger – Support for remote triggering of Charge Point initiated messages.
  • Security Whitepaper – Security profiles [0, 1, 2]– support for SSL. Security events, server certificates and logging.
  • Transaction authentication support for Versinetic MiFare compatible RFID card reader, used for local and OCPP authentication.
  • Protect unauthorized charging of offline devices with a local RFID authorization list. This is stored and transferable to other devices for ease of fleet setup.
  • Add audible response to RFID being read for better feedback.
  • PV integration using CT clamps connected to EEL.
  • Add dynamic load balancing to your solution with the ability to track up to 3 CT clamps assigned to Site, Source (Solar PV, Wind) and other Loads.
  • Configurable load balancing to achieve Net Zero, Source tracking, Vehicle TopUp and Dynamic site balancing, designed prevent the charger exceeding a site threshold.
  • Advanced support of OCPP profiles to combine standard charging profiles with Load Balancing modes.
  • Configurable load balancing settings to tune responsiveness, thresholds to tailor to individual site needs.
  • Control up to 2 EELs using one MantaRay and SCC application.
  • Load balance the charger installation across both EELs.
  • Personalise your end users experience with configurable LED patterns for charger states and errors.


The device comes with a locally hosted webpage, allowing for full configuration of the settings of the system, from an assembler, through to installer and end user.

The locally hosted webpage has branding options available to customize look to better fit with your company image.

View charger diagnostics such as car connection state, current offered, energy used, errors, details about the current and past transactions.

Issue updates directly to the charger.

Configure access passwords.

Enable remote access using a custom VPN for diagnostics without having to be infield **(being worked on).

Configure network settings for the charger


We can offer modifications to the MantaRay product which can bridge other technologies which might suit your installations such as the MQTT, JSON, MODBUS, Azure Device Shadows.
We also offer the ability to have a custom local controller that sits between the SCC and an OCPP back office, relaying messages, listening and responding to specific custom commands.
We can offer a custom set of webpages would have ongoing cost for support of a different build
We can offer custom Bluetooth application to run on the device if you wanted to develop your own mobile application.


Assemble your charger how you see fit, there are a plethora of Assembly level configuration options, tailoring you to make your charger what is best for your customers.
Export your configuration and import it onto other chargers
Phase Configuration – 1 Phase vs 3 Phase
Tethered vs Locking – Lock types, 3 wire, 4 wire, momentary switching, sense level, solenoid.
RDC-DD – Broyce, Western, none fitted
Number of EELs (connectors) – 1, 2
Assembly Limit – Any current (A) wiring limitations
Ground and Voltage Protections – Enable PEN detection with custom limits, Over and Undervoltage. Live – Neutral swap. Ground disconnects.
Temperature Derating – specify limits for temperature throttling, disabling charging at cutoff temperatures, add additional temperature sensors into the socket for more protection
Metering – Selection of internal using CT clamps or MID/MIR compliant devices from Eastron, Intrepo and YTL.
Upsell Load balancing


Secure Boot – device is configured to use secureboot notifying the user when it detects software that is not part of a proper update is applied.
Data Encryption – sensitive data that may be stored on the charger is encrypted.
Encrypted Updates & Communications – Updates for MantaRay and EEL are encrypted and verified before updating. Communications from the charger can all be encrypted (Webpage uses HTTPS, OCPP can use encrypted traffic if specified by you).
PEN Tested – device has undergone rounds of Penetration testing. Security and feature updates are rolled out every few weeks.


Screen Support – Add in a UI to the charger displaying the amount of power that is being used, that is being detected on its CT clamps. Customize with your own graphic and view the status of the charger and car.

Matter Ready – Integrate the charger with Matter, futureproof the installation for the adoption of HEMS (Home Energy Management Systems)

Installer Application – Bluetooth application to allow installers an efficient way of provisioning the charger.
Customize the application to have branding and default configurations for your setups and installers.
Copy previous installations for easier fleet setup.

EV User Application – Give users an intuitive look into controlling and understanding their charger with a simple app that works from their home network.


OCPP Library_2023


Our OCPP software library is a client, running on Linux and/or QNX, is based on OCPP 1.6 and 2.0 The package comes with an interface for setup and installation and can be remotely controlled by a web interface. It has been fully tested with Allego and has to be back office solution and has also been tested at Open Charge Alliance: Plugfests against OCPP standards.

Our OCPP has the ability to communicate with all electric vehicle charging stations, whether it’s an AC mains charger or a DC rapid charger. This means we can connect with fast / ultra / smart chargers – all possible charging points.


Our local controller software package sits between an OCPP client and the back office, relaying messages seamlessly without the need for a constant CSMS (Charging Station Management System) connection. This software can inject OCPP messages to charge stations to allow for local control. It is useful for load balancing with Building Energy Management Stations (BEMS) and fleet management. In addition, it can be placed within an existing CSMS with very little effort.


We offer experience and reliable support throughout the EV product life cycle, with both software and hardware engineers working side-by-side on projects to identify the best solution for each client.


Our OCPP client can connect with any device with a CSMS, giving you the freedom to use any back office or smart charger that you choose. It has the ability to talk to either fast charging DC chargers or AC mains chargers.


Our charging blox of electronics design, software and consultancy mean you can build a totally custom solution to meet your requirements. You can either use our OCPP software product or we can provide software licensing for a unique, bespoke solution.


Your project is in safe hands with our experienced engineers. They’ve been working on systems for the EV industry for almost 10 years. From designing charging units in 2011 for the London Olympics, to our more recent MantaRay, LinkRay & OCPP products, we’re experts on the electric vehicle charging network.

“Everything worked perfectly”

“Everything worked perfectly, as it has through all the bulk testing at every site”

Geoff Chapman – Director, Chargepoint Services


Versinetic’s electronics and software developers are enabling companies to stay a step ahead with charge point design by providing them with bespoke solutions. Join the EV revolution – let Versinetic help you maintain your competitive edge