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Local Charger Load Management Controller

Subscription-free onsite load balancing solution

LinkRay: the smart load balancing solution
with support for any backend charge providers or standalone use

EV charging sites can have more demand for power than that which is available.

Coupled with other draws on power – such as buildings and street lighting – there is a need to manage charging maximums so as not to blow site limits.


LinkRay is a small hardware module that is fitted onsite and connects to both AC and DC chargers.

It can work standalone handling authentication or online passing messages from the chargers to any OCPP-compatible back office management system (CSMS) to authorise transactions and for billing.

LinkRay now supports up to 100 chargers. Payment terminal integration coming soon.

LinkRay system architecture

LinkRay System Architecture Diagram

"LinkRay's advanced capabilities significantly ease the management of EV charging infrastructure"

"We’d been looking into EV charge point load balancing for some time as this is becoming a must have for sites with limited power supplies.
Following extensive research, we discovered Versinetic's LinkRay device for managing EV charge point load balancing, and I am thoroughly impressed.
This product was just what we were looking for - for on-site charge point management, offering an array of features that ensure efficient and balanced charging across multiple EV points.
LinkRay's advanced capabilities significantly ease the management of EV charging infrastructure, optimising power distribution and preventing site overloads.
Not only is the LinkRay feature-rich, but Versinetic also provides exceptional customer service. Their knowledgeable and responsive support team ensures that any questions or issues are swiftly addressed, making the overall experience smooth and hassle-free.
Versinetic's LinkRay is a great way to streamline your EV charging operations with a reliable and efficient solution."

Ben Stratton, Director, Orbis EV

LinkRay can communicate with most third-party energy meters to dynamically adapt the site load or have a set limit that it will keep charging stations within.

Compatible Modbus Meter

Stand-alone operation - offline mode

When operating without a cloud-based energy management system (CSMS), LinkRay can look after authentication using a local whitelist.

This can be easily managed using the web interface to add or remote users for all chargers.

Charging transactions are logged, and these can be downloaded easily for the last week, last month, or any other time.

Non-charging time schedules can be added on a daily or weekly basis.

These useful features are designed to be used primarily without a cloud management system attached, but they are also still accessible when online.

Reliable onsite performance

Load balancing on-site rather than through cloud services gives the quickest response time to fluctuations in building load.

The local connection allows requesting charge information more frequently without large amounts of data being sent to the cloud (which, in the case of cellular connections, can also be costly).

LinkRay Load Balancing – Billing and Authorisation

With LinkRay, on-site meters with Modbus (RS485) or Modbus TCPIP (Network) can be utilised to give a full monitoring solution with a minimum of additional components or changes to the site.

Remote monitoring - stay in control with LinkRay

Using the Versinetic remote services cloud platform included with all LinkRays you can log into any deployed devices and monitor live charging sessions.

You can also configure the system as though you were right on-site yourself.

LinkRay - remote monitoring and control

All your LinkRay devices are visible in one account.

You can issue sub-access to these as required for your installers or end customers.

Automatic OTA updates

LinkRay supports the automatic updating of firmware through the Versinetic servers. You can use these or point your devices to your easy-to-setup servers to manage the rollout of updates themselves.

Updating when idle, specifying update times, and the ability to use your own servers allow tight control over your deployed devices while always ensuring you are on up-to-date software.

Flexible licensing

LinkRay licenses are perpetual for a set number of devices.

LinkRays can be updated in the field to support more chargers later – allowing you to budget for your immediate needs with the peace of mind to extend this in the future.

Grouping and prioritising EV chargers

Sites that have cable runs may limit a group of chargers, managing the overall site power at a high level.

Using LinkRay for Grouping and Prioritising Chargers

In the above example, we have three cable runs that can have a maximum of 64A, but the overall site limit cannot exceed 128A. LinkRay will manage the charging sessions to accommodate these requirements.

If a charger needs to have priority, these can be excluded from load balancing, enabling them to consume their full capability.

LinkRay - compatible with any cloud EV charger solution and site meters

LinkRay has been tested with many cloud EV charge management systems (CSMS) giving you the flexibility to choose the backend solution provider that suits you.

LinkRay has been used with an extensive range of EV chargers, both AC and DC, single or multi-connector, along with single- and three-phase designs.

LinkRay has been connected to many external meters on both RS485 and WiFi/Network, we have all the known configuration sets available to download for known meters.

New meters can be easily added by creating a corresponding configuration file by either customers or via our friendly support team.

Enjoy reliability and peace of mind with LinkRay

LinkRay not only handles local load balancing when used in connection with a cloud CSMS, but in the event of an internet outage, LinkRay handles buffering of messages. 

This allows the CSMS to then correctly identify any charge sessions that are completed during this outage after the connection is restored.

LinkRay works offline during any internet outages

API access for building management systems BMS

Our system cleanly separates its load balancing function and user web app UI.

Using a secure HTTPS link and a unique token, installers can give read or read/write access to allow access or control of the LinkRay to a Building Management System (BMS).

API access for building management systems BMS with LinkRay

Security Features

Rest assured, the LinkRay platform has the highest security.

LinkRay is built on our trusted EV charging heritage.

Security is designed in using secure boot, TPM (Trusted Platform Modules) and certificate access. 

You can leverage multi-level login access to the web interface, with separate remote access password access including two-factor authentication using Google Authenticator when enabled.

Let’s get maximum control of your chargers

LINKRAY gives you increased control and visibility of the performance of your chargers. Don’t risk power outages; let’s get LINKRAY protecting your EV charging system.