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Versinetic's New ISO 15118 Software Stack for EV Charging

Experience Seamless EV Charging with our ISO 15118 Software Stack

Future-proof Your EV Charging System With Versinetic

Discover the future of EV charging with Versinetic’s innovative software stack, specifically designed for ISO 15118 compliance.

Our new software solution provides EV charging manufacturers with the necessary tools to meet future protocol standards.

Versinetic ISO 15118 Software Stack

Seamless, Effortless EV Charging

Developed by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), ISO 15118 is the latest protocol defining the communication methods and information exchanged between the vehicle and the charging station.

EV charge points that meet the protocol facilitate seamless, drive-up, plug-and-charge functionality for EV drivers.

The rollout of Versinetic’s new ISO 15118 software stack will provide you with a forward-thinking solution for your charging infrastructure.

Integrating ISO 15118 with Versinetic’s Modular Charging Blox

The ISO 15118 software stack will be an integral component of Versinetic’s versatile Charging Blox

These product and service modules can be configured to meet our customers’ unique requirements, creating a comprehensive EV charge point solution. 

The new software stack will be released with modular hardware to augment Versinetic’s existing EV charging solutions.

Supply Options

Our ISO 15118 stack is supplied as a licensed product as part of Versinetic’s modular EV charger solutions and runs on our Remora module. 

The Importance of ISO 15118 for the Future of EV Charging

Accommodating ISO 15118 in our products is another part of Versinetic’s roadmap to provide high-quality products that play an integral part in the electrification of our roads.  

We strive to bring expertise and flexibility with our modular EV charging products that reduce time to market for EV charging providers and enable them to ensure their EV chargers are future-proofed. 

ISO 15118 is set to play a crucial role in the mass electrification of highways worldwide. 

It aims to overcome the limitations of other charging protocols, especially the lack of information about the charging vehicle. 

The need for multiple apps, cards or memberships to charge EVs using public charging posts will become a thing of the past.

15118 brings with it the ability to alleviate potential electric infrastructure load problems on the grid with the support of Vehicle to Grid (V2G), a bi-directional charging method.

As governments globally strive to meet their Paris Agreement deadlines, the greater interoperability between charging networks facilitated by ISO 15118 will increase convenience for EV drivers. This will, in turn, lower any potential barriers to EV adoption, making a future of cleaner, greener transport a reality.

Versinetic's Remora Module: Powering Smart Charging

At the heart of Versinetic’s innovative EV charging solution lies the Remora module.

Designed with versatility in mind, the Remora module provides an easy path to add ISO 15118 to Versinetic’s charging platform.


ISO 15118 is more than a protocol; it’s a step towards the future of EV charging. As we strive towards mass electrification of highways worldwide, it will serve as the cornerstone for a seamless and efficient EV charging experience. 

Let us help you future-proof your EV charging infrastructure and embrace the revolution in smart charging technology with Versinetic’s ISO 15118 software stack