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EV Charging Back Office Software

Straightforward charging management solutions to help you generate fresh revenue

EV Charging Back Office Software

EV charging back office software is the backbone of every successful charging system and essential to the acceleration of EV infrastructure.

Versinetic is proud to partner with leading international software provider Saascharge. Saascharge aims to bring you a world-class robust, secure EV charging back office solution to optimise your system.

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Back Office Explained

An EV charging back office is cloud-based software which allows you to create and manage public/commercial electric vehicle charging station networks.

This platform allows utilities, carmakers and managers of public spaces to become charging market players. Public spaces that benefit from charging management systems include car parks, restaurants, leisure centres and offices. It is an effective way to operate and bill the utilisation of charging stations.

How it Works

Creating a complete end-to-end charging network is an easy 2-step process with Versinetic. Entering the EV market has never been easier – we fast-track your charging system development. And now with Saascharge, you can easily transform a charging solution into an interconnected charging network. From here, your company can gain international reach and a massive customer base.

Step 1

Build your bespoke charging system using Versinetic’s Charging Blox


Smart Charge Point Communications Controller

AC Charge Point Controller

Passive Local Controller


OCPP 1.6 & 2.0
Smart Charge Point Client Library

Local Controller
Software Stack


Flexible and Bespoke Solutions

Step 2

Complete Your Network with Robust Back Office Software

Example Back Office Network Structure

Generate Fresh Revenue

New revenue lines for charging services with EV drivers and/or parking site owners

Reduce Operational Costs

Platform self-service approach reduces charging station operational costs by about 50%

Charge Anywhere

Charge anywhere with eRoaming interconnection of charging station providers to create a global utility network


Saascharge eRoaming allows the interconnection of charging station operators/networks (CSOs) with eMobility providers (EMP) selling services to electric vehicle drivers.

The EV service platform handles the authorisation protocol and financial clearing between charging station operators/networks and EMPs.

This flexible solution will be open to any other charging station networks (CSO) or any EV driver EMP.

eRoaming is based on the international Open Charge Point Interface (OCPI) used by major EV charging networks.

Back Office Page Diagram


• Interconnection of any charging station operators (CSOs) and eMobility providers (EMPs) with the Open Charge Point Interface (OCPI)

• API to interconnect any potential external CSOs or EMPs

• Authorisation management between services providers

• Financial clearing between service providers


eRoaming: Bringing Maximum Interoperability to Your EV Charging Back Office System

Saascharge eRoaming enables you to develop your own interconnections with other EV charging networks. 

This interoperability system allows you to connect with eMobility providers (connecting EV drivers to your charging stations), or charging station operators (connecting charging stations to your EV drivers) of Saascharge or another service provider. 

This is possible by connecting your network and setting contractual and billing relationships with them. 

That way:

• You own the commercial relationship.

• Saascharge manage the connectivity and financial clearing for you.


MANTARAY Smart Charge Point Communications Controller
EEL AC EV Charge Controller
LINKRAY Local Controller
EV Charger Peripheral Accessories


OCPP 1.6 & 2.0 Libraries
Local Controller Software Stack


Feasibility Studies
Flexible Bespoke Solutions
Manufacturing Support


The EV charging marketing is becoming increasingly crowded. Let Versinetic give you the competitive edge and help you get an end-to-end solution to market