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Versinetic Helps Shape Future of EV Charging at CharIN Testival


CharIN Testival 2023 sees record numbers of EV charging companies & carmakers

Versinetic has further strengthened its ISO 15118 product offering at one of the world’s leading EV infrastructure test events this week – CharIN Testival EUROPE in Spain.


CharIN, the global association dedicated to electric vehicle charging interoperability, recently held its largest testing event yet in Valencia with over 400 attendees taking part in interoperability testing between EVs and charging stations.


Hosted by Power Electronics at their solar-powered facility, the CharIN Testival brought together companies from around the world to test compatibility between vehicles, charging stations, test systems and more based on global EV charging standards.


With 35 testing companies taking part, the event validated the functionality and reliability of Combined Charging System (CCS) and Megawatt Charging System (MCS) charging.


Versinetic at CharIN Testival

Three of our software team – Chris, Laimonas and Roberto – have been at Testival to test our implementation of our ISO 15118 software stack, and its communications controller board, Remora.

Versinetic at Testival 2023 Valencia, Spain
Versinetic at Testival 2023, L-R - Chris, Laimonas and Roberto

“It’s been good – really insightful,” said Senior Software Engineer, Chris.


“The test is organised into time slots, where the chargers and vehicles are paired in rotation. They then test against each other – going through each of the individual parts of the ISO 15118 standard to confirm it is functioning correctly.


“What’s also handy is that if there are any queries, we can speak to officials who are involved in maintaining the standard.”


Ensuring a smooth implementation of ISO 15118 is essential to EV charger manufacturers and developers, as the standard offers a set of features, which improve the charging experience for the end user.


One of the biggest benefits is Plug ‘n’ Charge, which allows EV drivers to charge the vehicle without the use of an app or bank card; simply plug the charger into the car and it is authorised, and will then seamlessly charge the vehicle.


A major achievement at Testival was the first live testing of Plug & Charge “automated authentication and billing”. Testival provided the real-world conditions to prove this technology that could shape the future of EV charging.


CharIN Testival, Valencia, Spain. Image courtesy of CharIN e. V.
CharIN Testival, Valencia, Spain. Image courtesy of CharIN e. V.

Record-breaking participation

In total, testing included 3 trucks, 13 electric cars, 18 charging stations and 10 test systems over 152 test slots. This demonstrates the scale of interoperability testing necessary as automakers roll out more vehicle models and charging networks continue expanding globally.


Ensuring standards compliance and problem-free charging experiences for drivers is crucial as EV adoption accelerates.


Events like the CharIN Testival are where industry-wide collaboration and innovation meet to test and improve charging solutions.


With participants from across Europe and the world, the successful interoperability results highlight the progress being made towards global standards for EV charging.

The CharIN Testival was held alongside the 3rd CharIN EUROPE Conference, which covered additional topics impacting the EV industry like grid integration, connectivity, cybersecurity and more. 


However, the highlight was the live testing demonstrating the latest capabilities for seamless, standardized EV charging.



“Versinetic is committed to being a leader in EV charging system development, and to giving our customers the best of all of the EV charging technologies that we can provide,” said Versinetic Technical Director, Roland Bodlovic. 


“Events like CharIN Testival help us ensure that, for companies using Versinetic’s EV charging solutions, our implementation is robust and secure.”

Get the Future of Charging Now

Need Plug ‘n’ Charge capability for your EV charging system? Get ahead of the competition with Versinetic’s ISO 15118 software stack, and its communications controller board, Remora


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