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Charging Point Solutions | Software Development & Electronic Design

Whether you need to create your own branded EV charger or improve your charging network and smart charging infrastructure, we have unique and bespoke solutions for you

MANTARAY Smart Charge Point Communications Controller

MANTARAY is a smart charge point communications controller supporting both AC charge points and DC chargers using the latest communication standards. It’s a small, add-in printed circuit board that supports functions specific to the charge and discharge of vehicles attached to the charger, allowing load balancing to be performed.

EVSE & Smart Charge Point Solutions

Find out more about the smart charging products we develop for manufacturers and assemblers of EV charge points and for large scale installers

OCPP & Software Licensing

Need EV smart charge point software? We have developed and can provide several options for you, including our Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP 2.0.1 & 1.6) software for your electric car charging station, along with an application solution to communicate with your back office cloud server

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