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Versinetic becomes member of trade association BEAMA


Versinetic joins the BEAMA Flexible Energy System Sector

We are excited to announce that Versinetic is now a member of BEAMA, the UKs Trade Association for Energy Infrastructure.  We welcome this opportunity to contribute further to the EV infrastructure space and increase our future involvement in decisions regarding infrastructure policy and standards.

The future landscape of electric vehicles and infrastructure is currently being defined. This requires the collaboration of businesses and consumers across the country to ensure the best solutions are found. 

Versinetic’s position, as an expert in EV charging electronics, both in a UK and international setting, make us ideally positioned to assist governing bodies without bias.


BEAMA consists of more than 200 UK leaders and innovators, from SMEs such as Versinetic to large multi-national corporations. The members deliver low carbon and environmental technologies securely and efficiently to UK homes, businesses, transport and grid networks. 

BEAMA supports members in ensuring that the UK has a strong electrotechnical industry that is recognised as an essential part of modern society with invaluable economic, social and environmental benefits.

BEAMA currently is split into four main interest sectors:

  1. Heating and Ventilation
  2. Building electrical systems
  3. Networks 
  4. Flexible Energy Systems

The Flexible Energy Systems sector represents leading companies providing devices, systems and associated services relating to metering and behind-the-meter flexibility. This is especially in relation to low carbon technologies.

This sector currently consists of the Smart Metering Group (SMG), Metering Solutions Group (MSG), Consumer Energy Display Industry Group (CEDIG), Connected Homes Group (CHG), Energy Storage in Buildings Group (ESBG) and Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Group (EVIG) – the group Versinetic is now a member of.

The direction and work of groups is led by members. Current activities surrounding electric vehicle infrastructure:

  1. Strategy and delivery work arising from the Government-led EV Energy Taskforce
  2. Electrical and smart connections for EV charging and flexibility infrastructure
  3. Technical, policy and strategy documents and consultation responses

Dunstan Power, Director of Versinetic, believes that Versinetic’s membership with BEAMA will provide a platform to help improve interoperability and cooperation across the sector. He commented, “Beyond issues of range anxiety, the stresses of public charging – which include having dozens of apps, RFID cards and subscriptions to different networks is a clear barrier to uptake.”

“Finding a model that allows for the commercialization of charging networks to work alongside convenience is essential. Additionally, standards such as the broken neutral connection regulations are proving contentious issues. Our hope is that, as a specialist business, we can work together with other stakeholders to come up with practical solutions to these issues and drive forward EV adoption together.”

Roland Bodlovic, Technical Director at Versinetic added, “BEAMA is a valuable opportunity to work as part of a collaborative body towards the mutual benefit of both businesses and consumers with regards to EV infrastructure.”

“Here at Versinetic, we are continuing to innovate exciting products and solutions. Our membership with BEAMA will enable us to better understand some of the issues faced by parties across the sector and utilize our engineering talent to solve these.”

Jeremy Yapp, Head of Flexible Energy Systems at BEAMA – wrote:

“It’s a very exciting time for EVs, and an exciting time to be leading BEAMA’s work on this crucial transition. So, I am delighted to welcome Versinetic, a subsidiary of ByteSnap Design, to the BEAMA Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Group. BEAMA looks forward to working with Versinetic to continue to support and promote the rollout of EV charging infrastructure.  As a Group we have a lot of projects planned and already in the works, essential to the development of the regulation, technology and best practice necessary for road transport electrification.”

How can EV policy be improved?

At Versinetic, we are committed to helping develop a landscape that benefits everyone, and would love to hear your thoughts on how the government and business approach to EVs and EV infrastructure can be improved.

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