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Versinetic Partners with EV Charging Software Provider


Versinetic Partners with Global EV Charging Software Provider Saascharge

Embedded World Digital, 3 March 2021: Electric vehicle charging design consultancy Versinetic has announced its partnership with leading international software provider Saascharge. The goal of this endeavour is to deliver flexible, robust and secure EV charging back office solutions.

EV charging companies or businesses looking to enter the dynamic EV market, and outsource electronics engineering and back office software to generate fresh revenue are set to benefit from the new Versinetic-Saascharge partnership.

Creating a complete end-to-end charging network is a straightforward process with Versinetic, thus, entering the EV market has never been easier. Versinetic’s experienced engineers fast-track charging system development, while Saascharge allows companies to easily transform a charging solution into an interconnected charging network. A charging network with international reach and a substantial customer base.

The Saascharge platform allows utilities, carmakers, and managers of public spaces such as car parks, leisure centres and offices, to become charging market players, operating and billing charging station usage effectively.

Versinetic clients will benefit from Saascharge as the software enables the easy creation and operation of an interoperable network of charging stations. The platform is the ideal solution for communities, retailers, corporate car parks and more. It provides the opportunity to generate revenue lines for charging services with EV drivers and/or parking site owners.

Indeed, Saascharge eRoaming allows the interconnection of charging station operators/networks (CSOs) with e-mobility providers (EMP) selling services to electric vehicle drivers. eRoaming is based on the international Open Charge Point Interface (OCPI) used by major EV charging networks.

Back Office Page Diagram

Saascharge makes this possible by connecting a network and setting contractual and billing relationships with e-mobility providers. That way Versinetic clients will own the commercial relationship, while Saascharge manages the connectivity and financial clearing.

The Saascharge platform compliments Versinetic’s powerful 1-2-3 combination of EV charging products and services that accelerate time to market for development teams:

1. Hardware

  • MantaRay Smart charge point communications controller
  • EEL AC EV charge controller
  • LinkRay Local Controller
  • EV Charger Peripheral Boards

2. Software

  • OCPP 1.6 and 2.0 Libraries
  • Local Controller Software

3. Consultancy

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Flexible Bespoke Solutions
  • Manufacturing Support

Versinetic Director Dunstan Power, said: “Our partnership with Saascharge allows Versinetic to provide an end to end, white-label solution, from the design of a charging post, through to the management and billing.

“We can maximise flexibility for our customers so that they can fully exploit their niche in the burgeoning EV infrastructure market.”

Saascharge Founder and CEO Richard Albrecht commented: ”Saascharge is recognised as a leading provider of first-class cloud software to the electric vehicle charging sector.

“EV charging back office software which is available to all electric vehicle drivers is the backbone of every successful charging system; we are pleased that our partnership with Versinetic will further contribute towards the vital acceleration of EV infrastructure.”

Developing an EV Charging Solution?

Rapidly build an international network with Versinetic and Saascharge.  Talk to our experts and find out how we can help:

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