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Join Versinetic at the World’s Largest EV Event – EVS35 2022


Versinetic debuts at EVS35 2022 – the world’s biggest EV event this year

Join Versinetic at the EVS35 2022 – the world’s biggest EV event – in the global capital for electric mobility – Oslo, Norway.

The EVS35 2022 Venue

Visitors to the trade show and conference at Oslo’s Nova Spektrum can find us on Stand D02-16 on the UK Pavilion in Hall D, June 13th-15th – following a weekend of eMobility activities and test drives provided by EVS35.

Stand D02-16 on the UK Pavillion at EVS35 2022

Meet our Business Development Manager Robert Meeks – learn more about Versinetic’s flexible products and design services to help accelerate your EV charging development to market.

EVS35 2022 - Event Banner

Versinetic Stand Highlights at EVS35

EV Charger Development Kit

Order our new EV charger development kit – it’s being used by charge point manufacturers to help de-risk their development.

The development kit allows you to set up the software and your connection to your chosen OCPP back-end provider. This takes you several steps closer to creating your own complete charger, optimising project time and costs in the process.

Versinetic EV Charger Development Kit - Versinetic at EVS35 2022

You can discover the best configuration for the needs of your charging system. The EV Charger Development Kit is supplied with wiring diagrams, instructions and a working model to set up your production and test connectivity.

LinkRay for dynamic load balancing (DLM)

LINKRAY is a local controller for dynamic load management (DLM). LINKRAY seamlessly relays messages between the charge station management system and the charge point, acting mostly as a transparent proxy.

It also works in an offline setting, allowing onsite local control of charge points without interfering with back-office control and billing.

LinkRay Passive: Local Controller

Versinetic Charging Blox for flexible EV charging system development

You can also learn from Robert how you can save time and budget with our flexible 1-2-3 modular Charging blox system of hardware, software and consultancy:

1 Hardware: MantaRay Smart Charge Point Communications Controller, EEL – IEC 61851 AC EV Charge Controller, Peripheral Boards

2 Software: OCPP software stacks, EV Charging Back Office

3 Consultancy: design support and advice

Why EVS35 2022?

People from all over the world will be in Oslo next week for this year’s largest EV conference – the Electric Vehicle Symposium (EVS35), with a packed programme of events, activities, exhibitions and conference sessions.

Ahead of the show is a weekend expo, starting June 11th. Industry leaders from eMobility, aviation and maritime will be in attendance and the latest zero emission vehicles – including electric bikes, a flying car, and boats – will be available to view and test-drive.

Among the vehicles will be the first large battery electric bus operating autonomously, the Karsan Autonomous e-ATAK. The Autonomous e-ATAK creates a situational awareness overview of its surroundings by using advanced sensors like Lidars, high resolution cameras, advanced radars and thermal cameras to detect other road users and infrastructure.

The weekend expo is followed by the trade show and conference from Monday 13th June till Wednesday 13th June.

Presentations will cover a variety of issues covering the section – looking at the future for eMobility, new technologies, standards, challenges around accelerating infrastructure rollout and consumer adoption, reducing transport emissions to combat climate change, requirements for greater government action and much more.

A big thank you to the SMMT (The Society for Motor Manufacturers and Traders) who invited Versinetic to join the UK Pavilion, featuring companies in the e-Mobility sector.

Meet Robert Meeks at EVS35 2022

Heading to EVS35?

Get in touch with our Business Development Manager Robert Meeks (pictured); message him on LinkedIn to arrange a meeting on the Versinetic stand.

Looking forward to a great show at the Electric Vehicle Symposium in Oslo!

How can Versinetic help you today?

From start-ups to blue chips, Versinetic’s embedded systems software developers are enabling companies to stay a step ahead by providing them with bespoke solutions. Maintain your competitive edge – contact us today and let your business be among them!


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