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Grow With Us! Versinetic Launches New Green Initiative


Green Initiative: Versinetic starts new #GrowWithUs reforestation scheme through NGO One Tree Planted

We are thrilled to be announcing a green initiative – a reforestation collaboration – to mark Versinetic’s second birthday!

Versinetic is proud to be launching a long-term reforestation scheme through One Tree Planted: #GrowWithUs

ByteSnap Design proudly partnered with global environmental NGO, One Tree Planted, in the summer to plant trees in the Amazon rainforest.

Inspired by our parent company, we’ve devised our own green initiative at Versinetic to support global reforestation.

As part of our new #GrowWithUs scheme, we will plant trees for each new client at Versinetic, ensuring our company growth has a positive impact on our global environment, through reforestation.

The Deforestation Crisis – why does it matter?

Deforestation refers to decreasing an area of forest to make way for other uses, such as urbanisation, mining activities or agricultural croplands.

This process not only negatively impacts on the natural ecosystem and biodiversity, but also our climate itself. According to NGO WWF, forest degradation and deforestation is believed to be responsible for approximately 15% of all greenhouse gas emissions, meaning it is closely linked to the current climate crisis.

Despite this, we are still seeing widespread incidences of deforestation across the globe. Most notably in the Amazon rainforest, which plays an important role as a carbon sink. Relaxed Brazilian policies since 2019 have led to some of the most severe impacts on biodiversity in the last decade.

UK Minister for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs, Wendy Morton has said, “Tackling climate change and biodiversity loss is our No. 1 international priority…We cannot stop climate change without protecting the natural environment, and we cannot protect the natural environment without tackling climate change. Conserving the Amazon is a crucial piece of the puzzle.”

However, it is not the Amazon alone that is in dire need of change.

Due to rapid urbanisation, India has also lost a lot of forest coverage. To counteract this, environmental organisations such as One Tree Planted are driving tree planting schemes – and taking this one step further by pushing forward with replanting fruit trees, which provide food to alleviate hunger and poverty in rural farming communities. This process is called reforestation.

What Is Reforestation?

While deforestation is still responsible for mass loss of tree cover, across the globe, under the right conditions, forests have a natural ability to regenerate, which can be helped along the way by a process called reforestation. Reforestation is the planting of new trees on top of the cleared land.

Growing new trees does take time, but environmental experts believe it is the best strategy available for capturing carbon, protecting fertile land and maintaining biodiversity.

For every reforestation project, environmental, social and economic factors must be considered in order to achieve success. Therefore, partnering with an organisation that truly understands these aspects, is important.

More About One Tree Planted

Founded in 2014, One Tree Planted is an international non-profit whose mission is to reforest wherever trees are needed the most, across the globe.

One of the projects being supported by Versinetic is the restoration of India’s diverse landscape, working with small-holder farmers to achieve sustainable agroforestry and protecting coastlines by planting native mangroves. The worldwide need for reforestation is ever-changing and so the tree planting location will change from time-to-time.

One Tree Planted understands the importance of local groups when organising a reforestation project. As Meaghan Weeden, from the NGO, states:

“Over and over, we’ve seen that tree planting outcomes are significantly brighter when the local community is directly involved in the process. When we are connected to the work on the ground at the human and the ecosystem level. Our partners are in tune with the land, familiar with local stakeholders, and aware of their needs and how their communities will benefit from planting trees.”


What Is Versinetic’s #GrowWithUs Scheme?

Versinetic has pledged that for every new client that we onboard, we will plant trees through One Tree Planted.

As part of this scheme, all new Versinetic customers will receive their own tree planting certificate, with details of the reforestation area.

Green Initiative - GrowWithUs

Director and Co-Founder of Versinetic, Dunstan Power, said, “As a global business working on tech solutions for a more sustainable future, it is important to us that as we expand, we continue to have a positive impact on creating a greener future.

“We are growing and our aim through this initiative is for forests and woodlands to grow with us.”

Find out more about One Tree Planted’s global reforestation initiative, here.

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