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EV Charging System Design FAQs

Since Versinetic launched during the global lockdown in 2020, we’ve been consulting with EV charger businesses all over the world. Our engineering team has handled with all kinds of enquiries – with some questions asked more often than others. Here, Versinetic’s Managing Director Dunstan Power answers your electric vehicle charging system design FAQs. 1. What […]

The Essential Guide to Designing Your EV Charging System

How to successfully design your EV charging System The UK’s electric vehicle market is continuing to accelerate – and, despite the chip shortage, generally shows little sign of stepping down a gear: These vehicles need to be charged somewhere – and that’s where you come in, with your new EV charging system solution. When planning […]

Periodic Table of EV Jargon, Acronyms & Tech Terms

With the new technology and way of driving has come a huge array of acronyms and terms. Versinetic’s team have gathered some of the key terms, technologies and features associated with electric vehicle, EV infrastructure and other alternative fuel options, to help de-mystify all things EV. Each cell is interactive – simply click on it […]

UK Electric Vehicle charging…what does the future hold?

Our very own Senior Software Engineer Julian Skidmore, recently presented on the challenges the UK charging infrastructure faces in light of growing EV adoption. Here’s what he had to say…. Since Tesla picked up the torch over a decade ago electric vehicle development has progressed at an accelerating pace. Driven by concerns over global heating […]